When We Come Together

“When you come together.” Five times Paul says this in our text. When you come together. How much have we longed for that, and many of us at home still long for that. We feel it in our souls, that the way things are just isn’t how they should be. Where two or three are logged in together just isn’t the same as where two or three are gathered together. The novelty is wearing off of Sunday mornings in pajamas or sweatpants, with a cup of coffee, trying to sort of sing along and praying the sermon will stop buffering. We are thankful for the gift of the internet and live-streaming and for Rob Hilverda, but this is not what it means when Paul says, “when you come together.” Online church is better than no church, but it is a poor substitute for the real thing. And even for us gathered here, it still is lacking something when everyone isn’t here, we are split up between two services, the “As” never get to see the “Vs”, we have to sit apart and go outside without chatting in the narthex. And communion will be yet another adjustment. I have to keep reminding myself that countless millions of Christians have suffered far greater inconveniences and for far longer. We should be slow to complain, but we also should not just settle for this without praying for a time when we will all come together. May we long for and pray for when we can all come together as the church. One of the great mysteries of our faith is that the living God of the universe desires and seeks to have fellowship with His people and one of the great symbols of the fellowship is the joyful experience of sitting down and eating and drinking in the presence of God.