What Falling Away Looks Like

The goal of chapter one was to encourage us and build up our faith that we would be diligent to make our calling and election sure. Peter began by exhorting us to continue to cultivate a living, active, growing faith through virtue, knowledge, self-control, godliness and love. And he exhorts us to pay close attention to God’s Word as the lamp for our way in life. The goal of chapter two is to warn us of the dangers if we don’t do that, and if in fact we wander away from our faith. Not everyone follows the way of Jesus. Some follow cleverly devised myths (1:16), some blaspheme the way of truth and introduce destructive heresies (2:1-2), some are seduced by what their itching ears want to hear to suit their own passions (II Timothy 4:3). If chapter one is the carrot, chapter two is the stick. And if you think you are not in danger, you don’t have a good sense of how seductive and pleasing the easy path is. It’s led by man-pleasers, people to appeal to our wants and needs and desires.