Waterless Springs

One of the most famous movies ever is Wizard of Oz. Since 1939 probably every kid in America has seen it. Last month, Jerry Maren, the last surviving munchkin from "The Wizard of Oz," died at 98. I remember the first time I saw it probably about 5 years old being scarred out of my mind and running from the room. But all of us now know the deception, how the great and mighty Wizard was a fraud. Toto pulled back the curtain and exposed the wizard to be just an ordinary man. Appearances can be deceiving. The internet has taken deception and scams to a whole new level. We are constantly being warned that everything is not as it appears to be. I keep getting those e-mails from Nigeria offering millions of dollars, those phone calls from the IRS or Microsoft Computer Department. Did I mention I got a call last month from my grandson in jail in NYC? Here is Peter again, not pulling any punches, speaking frankly, and warning us about Christian teachers who are spiritual frauds. Surgery is love, warning about a cliff ahead is love, saying don’t go there or do that is love. Whatever saves our souls is love. Peter’s letter is love. In chapter one Peter focused on the positive.