To the Gentiles Also Part II

This is our fourth sermon on the Cornelius conversion and the Gentile Pentecost. Luke sure thought it important to repeat the details this much, and more importantly the Holy Spirit thought it was so important to inspire Luke to record it and repeat it for all generations to know. But this is not just repetition for repetition sake. There is something important going on here, without which the story would be incomplete. This isn’t just be an event in the life of Peter. This story has ramifications for the whole church and the spreading of the Gospel. Paul’s conversion story is told three times in the book of Acts. These are pivotal, sea-changing stories. Their impact reverberates through the rest of salvation history. The conversions of these two men may be the two most important events in redemptive history until the return of Christ. After these two there is no stopping the church as it advances through the world.