Thus Says the Lord: The Authority of Scripture (Evening)

Introduction to Authority. What is authority? Authority is the right or power to command, tell, direct, guide, decide or control. Where does authority come from? Authority comes from a higher authority. Someone in authority or with authority gives it to someone beneath or below them. There are degrees of authority. There is the authority of governments, military and police. During the Boston Marathon bombing there were multiply levels of authority all working together, local police, state police, FBI and ATF. There is authority by way of experience or education, some people are known experts or authorities on something. There are principals and teachers, elders and pastors, and parents. A mother can give authority to a ten year old to watch after a five year old in the backyard. There can only be one absolute, ultimate and final authority and whoever that is, is God. There is no higher authority than God. He made the universe and everything in it and He has absolute authority over it all. He was complete power to decide, direct, command and control. The Holy Scripture has absolute, ultimate and final authority because it’s from God, it’s the very Word of God. It’s our only rule of faith and practice [life] and it alone regulates, founds and establishes our faith. “We believe without a doubt all things contained in them [the canonical books]” (Belgic Confession, Article 5).