The Silence of Jesus; The Cry of the Crowd (Morning)

“What then shall I do with this one called Jesus?” That’s the question, that’s the question that divides history, the question that divides nations, and divides rulers and divides families. That’s the question that determines destinies. What then shall you and I do with this one called Jesus? Mark 15:1-5 We know what the Jewish leaders intended to do with Jesus. Mark’s opening words remind us that the Sanhedrin had been meeting in the night against their own rules for a fair trial. Now at daybreak they hold a quick mockery of a trail making a mockery of justice. And the mockery isn’t over. They bound Jesus like a common criminal, maybe for extra effect, and delivered Him over to the Roman’s since they had no power to put anyone to death. Their charge against Jesus was a charge of blasphemy. But that charge created a problem. No Roman official would recognize a charge of blasphemy. That was nothing to them, they couldn’t care one wit whether someone spoke against their temple or their God. The Jews changed the charge into a charge of treason, saying that this Jesus claimed to be the King of the Jews. That was a different matter, that was sedition, that could be the beginnings of a coup, an insurrection and Rome would quickly deal with something like that.