Seven Serious Sins-Summary

I am thankful for First CRC. Can I say I am proud of you, without stirring up the sin of pride? You have received this sermon series on serious sins well. Many have expressed appreciation or spiritual benefit. You haven’t complained to the elders that the pastor talks about sin too much. Considering we live in a culture that increasingly chooses violent kinds of options when confronted with sin and evil, it’s to your credit that you have endured this series without calling it hate speech or wanting to shoot me. First Church still has prayer of confession as a part of our weekly cooperate worship. Many churches have abandoned this spiritual discipline. Church is where we should be able to be honest about our spiritual condition, where we can all say we are sinners and learn what kind of sinners we should be, which is repentant sinners. The only people in heaven are repentant sinners, the only people who can be members of this church are repentant sinners. Jesus didn’t come into the world for the righteous but for the unrighteous, to seek and save and have fellowship with sinners. The goal of these sermons has been to open our blind eyes to how all of us are caught in the entangling web of self-destructive sins and passions and sinful desires and to encourage us in the fight for our true joy and pleasure, which will never be found in sin.