The Personal Spirit

The Personal Spirit. Someone asked Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, if God existed. He replied, "The question is not relevant. If there were a God, man could not comprehend him anyway. So what good would it be to have such a God?" He believed there was no way for God to be personal and knowable. He is not alone. When Hindus or even some Jews talk about God they are thinking of an influence or an impersonal force or an energy source of some kind that radiates from some place out there. Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons think of the Holy Spirit as like magnetism or electricity or gravity. They aren’t thinking of a person with personal characteristics and personality. Whatever it is it’s impersonal, without knowledge or emotion. The idea that there is a God and that this God is a personal God is foreign to all other religions. It’s one thing to consider God is a spirit, but to consider Him to be a personal Spirit is an altogether different matter. That’s a game changer. I know that we don’t generally think of the Bible as having much comedy in it but the one place you find it is in the prophets when they write about other gods and idols. They use a mocking and sarcastic tone as they make fun of people worshiping objects they have made themselves.