Seeking the God Who Seeks Us

In the past two weeks you have heard two sermons from two very different preachers, both proclaiming God’s great love for us, how delights in His people and sings over us. And His love for us is not blind. He knows us completely and His love is absolutely realistic. He already knows the very worst about us and He cannot be blindsided or become disillusioned in any way that would diminish His love for us. For reasons that are almost too much to consider God purposefully wants to love us and be our God and have us as His children, as His friends. So much so He is willing to have His own Son die for us to make it all possible. Von Golder and I both tried to make it clear that the gospel is first and foremost about a loving, forgiving God seeking and pursuing us. How do we react when we discover this love, this forgiveness, this grace and mercy, this incredible and undeserved kindness and generosity? Von used the great Scriptural analogy last week of the slave and the son both working in the father’s field, but they are working for very different reasons. As sons and daughters anything we do in response to God’s love is not out of duty or out of trying to earn God’s love, it is out of love and gratitude, and in the knowledge we have a share in His grace and inheritance. This morning I want to call us to respond to His great love. I want to awaken our souls, to stir us up to love God. To whom so much has been given, much is expected.