The Preacher and teh Paralytic

Well, let's look more closely at what God is teaching about Jesus & us in Mk.2's, as well as in Matt.9's & Lk.5's, story of THE PREACHER & PARALYTIC. • 1st we will notice the conflict brewing, 2nd the challenge hurled, 3rd the charges given. • 4th the conquest obtained, & 5th the cure celebrated.

Keep Awake and Watch

Well, we have now gone through another advent season to properly prepare for Christmas. And we have celebrated it again for a other year, and have been reminded that Jesus Christ has come to be our Savior & Lord. Now that must also cause us to look forward in eager anticipation, in total trust, & in life-encompassing obedience to His 2nd coming. For after all, the fact Jesus came 1st time, as God promised, surely means He will come again a 2nd time, as God also says in Bible. And we if have properly celebrated Christmas by receiving in faith & obedience as our only Savior & Lord at His 1st coming. Then we will be ready for Him when He comes back to take us to eternal glory to be with Him. Th'fore our Lord command in Matt.25:13: “Keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour” when He will return.

Celebrate Christmas With Joy

Now, I’m sure, you will agree with me, that joy & happiness are always associated with Christmas. ▪ there is joy in the sound of bells ringing & carols sung & greetings & gifts given. ▪ there is happiness for merchants with the noise of cash registers, busy shoppers, sales being made. ▪ there is laughter as family & friends get together, shrieks of delight at the beautiful Christmas decorations displayed, & at presents being unwrapped.

God's Fantastic Love

Well, we now come to the final, few verses of Jude, & Oh! what a relief!  it is like peace & quiet after a severe storm.  up to now Jude has been talking very seriously about those who forsake the faith & God’s Word.  “[About] rejecting the truth, God’s judgment, & hell. These are sobering realities. o “The most natural human response to that of living in an age characterized by apostasy which God promises to punish severely is probably fear.  “[And today as we are] acutely aware of apostasy it is like standing in the center of a hurricane with raging winds ripping apart everything around us.” But now, in the middle of all this despair & dome, Jude concludes in vs.17-25 with God’s wonderful words of command & comfort, courage & confidence.  & in accordance with Jude’s desire he stated in vs.3 that he was going write about the salvation of believers, he now addresses us Christians.  & he tells us how we can really experience & enjoy & exercise our salvation. o we can so that we have nothing to be scared of as we contend for the faith in face of today’s filth & falsehood. And Jude also reminds us of what we often forget.  that the Lord knows His own so that, though He punishes those who proclaim & practice evil & error, -- o in today’s chaotic climate He will protect & preserve those who love & live for Him.  He will, just as He did Israel of old when He devastated Egypt with those terrible plagues while He saved & spare His own.

Mary Magdalene

He is alive! that's the Christian's conquering cry.  & we know Jesus lives because we experience His resurrection present & power each day. But the reality of Christ’s resurrection doesn't just rest on our feelings & experience.  it is also based on the fact of history, & verified by the biblical testimony of those who actually saw all the evidence: the empty grave & burial clothes.  & they saw Jesus alive, standing bodily before them, & they even touched Him. o they ate with Him around a table, & by a fire on a beach.  & they all state: “Jesus is risen! He is alive!” Now 1 of these eye-witnesses is MARY MAGDALENE.  she was there when they crucified & buried our Lord, & after He rose up from the grave.  & we can learn from her the real, saving meaning of Calvary & Easter. So then let us consider: 1st, her personal nature.  & 2nd, her resurrection encounter.