Grace to Do Good

The Serve theme this year is Go Do Good and the Serve Theme text is Titus 2:11-14 where we hear this call to be eager to do good. What is this eager to do good business, who is zealous for good works? Who does that, who wants to work? And who pays to come to some strange place to work for strangers? Where does this eagerness to do good work come from? I remember driving in a Kansas snow storm to go see a girl. I was motivated by love to see her. In the midst of the storm I slid off the road into a snow filled ditch, I was buried up to the windows. A guy in a pick up truck stopped (God bless guys in pick up trucks). He pulled me out and I offered to pay him for his trouble. He told me to just help someone else in their time of need. And about 20 miles later that opportunity presented itself and I was able to help someone who needed help. I was glad to do it, motivated by the love and grace and generosity I had received. That experience changed my entire outlook. Helping others was no longer an inconvenience or a delay to my plans. That experience is a very small microcosm of what we have all experienced and what our text reveals. There are multiple reasons given here to motivate us, even compel us to be eager to do good. Let’s look at them in our text.

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