Is God Mad at Us?

We come this morning to the last attribute and perhaps the toughest attributes to talk about. This is that attribute of God that some Christians feel like they have to apologize for. There might even be someone here who is a bit embarrassed their pastor is talking about this out loud. God’s wrath certainly isn’t an attribute that we think should be cause for worship, something we should thank God for and praise Him for. This attribute is closely related to several other of God’s attributes such as God’s righteousness, God’s holiness, God’s jealousy, God’s justice. I think it will help us get a handle of this attribute if I approach it through a brief consideration of God’s jealousy and God’s justice. This will give us a better context for understanding God’s wrath.

When we turn to the prophecy of Nahum, we find ourselves reading words written down by another relatively unknown, small town prophet. But it doesn’t really matter because all we really want to do is get into the words of a man who heard directly the voice of the Lord and who spoke for God the very Words of God. We want to get to know the words of this man who heard God and had the power and authority of God to declare the things of God. The first thing we have to acknowledge if we are going to be totally honest is that Nahum is pretty rough reading. You don’t hear many sermons from the book of Nahum. You certainly don’t see many verses from Nahum cross-stitched and hanging in people’s homes. I pulled out my Lectionary and discovered that Nahum is one of a few books completely left out of the formal three year schedule of Scripture readings used in more liturgical churches. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Nothing really worth reading here, just skip on to Habakkuk. But let’s be brave and see what this portion of God’s holy and inspired Word says.