Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. day. In the past I have used this weekend as an occasion to reflect on what Scripture teaches about race. It is obviously a relevant topic since our county is embroiled in political hand wringing and debates about race relations, Black lives matter, immigration, refugees and secure borders. Soon to be president Trump has stirred up the debate with his rhetoric about building a wall on the Mexico border. I’m not going to wade into the politics of those issues. I do believe sovereign nations must have secure borders and fair immigration policies and ways to legally control and administer those policies. It is the Constitutional responsibility of our government to “ensure domestic tranquility” and “provide for the common defense” and “promote the general welfare” of our nation. We must pray our leaders have godly wisdom and courage to do that. But most of us don’t have much of a role in those matters. The role we do have is how can we be salt and light in this politically and racially divided culture God has placed us in. How do we show love to our neighbors who are very different from us? I am interested in looking to Scripture for wisdom from God about how we as Christians should live and act and speak among sojourners and how we are to view them. The fact that Scripture speaks to these issues tells us that God thinks about these things, and it tells us that it’s important to Him and so it ought to be to us. Let’s begin be being reminded of why we should love our foreign neighbor, why we should be hospitable and not hostile. Six reasons.