The Christmas season is a time of the year when Hollywood likes to release some blockbuster movies. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” comes out December 20. It’s being touted as one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies in history. The anticipation is being stirred up by a string of commercials and movie trailers. Teasers, appetizers, glimpses. One of the most anticipated events in all of human history was the coming of the Messiah. In anticipation of that event there were numerous predictions, prophecies, and cameo appearances, glimpses of the Christ, glimpses of His presence and power, character and nature. We learned last week these are referred to as theophanies. A theophanies is a manifestation or appearance of God in some visible form. It can be like a pillar of cloud or fire, a burning bush, or thunder and lightning, some display of God’s great power and glory. But more specifically it can take the form of a human being, a temporary, visible, audible appearance of the Son of God. The theme for our advent series this year is, “When Heaven and Earth Meet: The Theophanies of Jesus in the OT.” We are looking at four appearances of Jesus that foreshadow His incarnation. All the many and varied OT manifestations were to prepare God’s people for a greater coming. They create a longing for that day when in the fullness of time He would come once and for all. And for us we they should also stir a longing for His appearing again, for His second coming, the nature of which will be the subject of this evening’s sermon. Let’s consider this strange and mysterious encounter between Joshua and a general.