My Redeemer Lives

Nearly all religions of the world acknowledge some form of divine government and control. Even the pagans have their fate or luck or chance, something that guides the destinies of men and nations. Nearly everyone believes in God, but there are many who have trouble with Him being in control. They can’t bring themselves to believe it for a variety of reasons. Some look at the great disasters or human tragedies and ask, “If there was really a good and powerful God, how could He let this happen?” Others aren’t affected so much by what happens in the world, but when faced with overwhelming personal troubles God seems too small or powerless for their needs. Wars and cancer have done much to wreck man’s confidence in a sovereign and good God. Suffering and sin are huge hurdles to our confession of the sovereignty of God. For others providence smacks of fatalism or determinism to them and leaves them thinking they are puppets. The rejection of any notion of God’s total sovereignty over all things is one of the biggest challenges facing the church and Christians today.