Getting in the Game

It seems especially appropriate to consider the theme the Cadets are focusing on this year, getting in the game, at the time America also celebrates the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. The Cadet theme verse is a great verse with great challenges and implications for all of us. Or not. Is it for all of us? What about those with walkers or wheel chairs? How is Jeannie Bakker supposed to get in the game and run the race at 101? Or Mary K.? Is this verse just for young Christians like the cadets? Just for those who are in shape? The Bible uses athletic analogies that could sound like Christianity is a younger persons sport. Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots joined Peyton Manning as the oldest quarterback to win a super bowl at age of 39 (Brady is four months younger than Manning). Tiger Woods is trying to make a comeback at 41 and it’s not looking too good. After shoveling this week, I’m not sure how fast I could run today. Is it possible for a person confined to bed to run the race set before us? Does this verse apply to all of us, no matter our age or our health? The answer is yes, because this race doesn’t require getting out of bed, it isn’t run with our legs or bodies, but with our hearts by faith. The weak and the aged among us not only run this race, they can win this race, because it is won by keeping the faith.

No Pain, No Gain (II)