It’s the new year, the time of year when we resolve to do things differently, to make resolutions and changes. This is the time for fresh starts. The gyms are full, lots of new memberships. This is the time of year people start new diets. I can’t believe how many there are, ones I have no clue what they are. Keto diet, DASH diet, Paleo diet, Whole30 diet, FODMAP diet. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and propose a new diet this morning. I think any diet worth its salt (pun intended) should involve marinating. Give me a big hunk of meat, let it soak about two days in some good marinade, now that’s a diet I could keep. One of my favorite restaurant meals was the Kensington Club steak at Steak and Ale. The reason it was great was because they marinated it for 72 hours. I called the manager of the restaurant one time and asked if he would tell me the recipe and to my shock he did. So, if I am going to invent a diet and I get to pick what is in it, I am going to pick something marinated. Here is my diet proposal for all of us this morning. Beginning today we all get marinated in the Scriptures. The more we become saturated with Scripture, the more it will get in us and permeate all the pores of our lives, our parenting, our grand parenting, our business dealings, our work ethic, our relationships, our choices and decisions, our communication, thoughts and desires, everything. My diet proposal comes with a guarantee. If we follow this diet for 2019 we will be blessed and healthy beyond what we can imagine. And if we don’t follow this diet we will be in danger of become seriously malnourished and sickly, more discouraged or depressed or directionless, caught up in sin.