I don’t know how many times I have read this story recorded twice in Scripture as I have read through the Bible, but never have I considered how much there is here for us especially in a time like ours. We have already squeezed a lot of juice out of this story about David and the great pestilence. Today we will pick some more relevant fruit off of this tree. We have already seen how God is in all that happens. God’s anger was kindled against Israel because of her sin and disobedience and idolatry. God incited David through His agent Satan, to take a senseless censes. Rather than count on God, David counted his fighting men. We have seen the result of sin that leads to great suffering and lots of deaths. We have seen the sweeping impact of God’s judgment and talked about the solidarity of suffering we are experiencing in this worldwide virus. That solidarity of suffering really took a huge step forward in our community this week with the cancelation of the fair this August. My heart sank, what a blow to so many kids. Kids have been spared from the virus itself, but not from its effects. Last week we talked about how sin always has consequences and leaders’ sins impact whole nations. But we saw the great blessing and hope that is ours because with our God, mercy wraps around wrath and responds to repentance. David manned up, he did what men do, he took responsibility. Sure, Israel was guilty, sure God brought this upon David and Israel because of Israel’s guilt. But David took all the blame, Lord, lay this all on me. The buck stops here. This is what Jesus did, He stepped up, took responsibility, was willing for God to lay all our sins on Him, to let the shepherd die for all of the sheep rather than all the sheep die. This morning we are switching over to the parallel telling of this story in I Chronicles 21. Here the writer gives us a fuller description of what happens with more details. We will see three incredible results that come out of this great crisis.

Remember (Morning)