Our Triple Blessing

How many times in your life have you heard this benediction of Paul spoken at the end of a worship service? Countless times, times beyond number. If you are over 50 it is safe to say you have heard it and read it thousands of times. What difference has it made in your life? What effect has it had? Are they just nice sounding words, a good thing for a pastor to pronounce before you go home? So what? Have you ever given those words a second thought, actually contemplated them. And here is a strange idea, have you ever spoken them or prayed them or wished them for someone else? Let me tell you why I was prompted to take up this text this morning. I have had a growing burden in my heart for our flock these past three months. I have had a burden for our senior saints who have been isolated from family and friends. I have had a burden for our families, and especially moms who have had to become instant teachers and homeschool kids every day. I have had a burden for our high school seniors who have missed out on all the things that make senior year special. We have come to the end of the school year, to the start of summer and I want to speak life and hope and encouragement to all of us. Then when I realized this was Trinity Sunday I thought this text is the perfect blessing we all need in the midst of the stress and craziness of life. This text is a Trinitarian blessing, a triple blessing. And what could be better if I wanted to give a blessing than to give a triple blessing. Consider this a three scoop blessing, a Neapolitan. Some is good, more is better and too much is just right. Can I get an amen? So senior saints and high school seniors, moms and stressed out parents, those of you feeling isolated, those of you bummed by all we are missing out on and all that has been canceled, those trying to do work in very different ways, those of you weary of the news, those wondering about the future, those weary of doing worship on a screen, receive God’s triple blessing.