Moving Forward

In a small way we are signaling a return to normal, as we return to our sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles, or as I like to say some of the acts of some of the apostles or the acts of the Holy Spirit. Three times in our text the Holy Spirit is mentioned, calling, sending, filling. This is the very word of God, only truth for faith and life. Expect God to speak as we read His Word. Prayer: Holy Father, your Word is our only firm foundation is this otherwise shifting, changing, unstable, uncertain world. Speak to us by your Spirit, equip and train us in righteousness for your glory and the sake of your Son. Amen. “But the Word of God increased and multiplied.” Why does Dr. Luke, the author of Acts, say that, or say it that way? What is implied behind that word, but? In spite of something, despite something, even though something else happened, still or nevertheless, the Word of God increased. What was the obstacle? That question gives us the invitation to quickly review the ground we have already covered in Acts. Since it has been almost a year since we were last in Acts, let me do a very brief summary.