Jesus Mocked and Crucified (Morning)

If you want to start an interesting conversation sometime ask, “What’s the most important event in human history?” You will hear an amazing variety of answers. The beginning of civilization, the invention of writing, the codification of law, the rise of the Roman Empire and western civilization, the invention of the printing press, the Renaissance, the discovery of electricity, penicillin, the atomic bomb, landing on the moon, tearing down the Berlin Wall, 9/11. And on and on. It’s a bit unsettling that for Christians our most important event in human history is a torture and execution on a Roman cross. But the fact is the cross is central to the Gospel of Jesus, central to the Christian faith, and central to the whole of human history. This is the dividing moment, the crossing of the Rubicon, the point of no return, the laying down of the gauntlet, the continental divide. Everything flows from this event. Everything before anticipated and pointed to this event; everything after looks back to this event. This is God’s answer to the question, what’s the most important event in human history. Of the tens of thousands of crucifixions that have taken place in history, this one towers above all the rest in significance. This is our focus this morning, the cross of Jesus.