In the Beginning Was the Word

I have given our Advent series this year the title: The Incarnation: A Riches to Rags Story. There are a lot of rags to riches stories in the world. Some of you can even tell a story like that. Growing up in the Great Depression with little or nothing, learning how to survive without necessities. And now you are blessed and have all you need and much more. And there are a lot riches to rags stories in the world. People who started out with a lot or maybe had great successes and then lost it. We hear again and again of people winning the lottery and a few years later being worse off than ever. The same story can be told too many times in the world of Hollywood stars and pro sports, athletes making millions and a few years after retirement having nothing left. The incarnation is a story of a Great Condescension, a riches to rags story.