Ever since the fall man was wanted to be like God and with the help of computers and the internet it seems like we are getting close. Google cameras and satellites have mapped and recorded just about every square inch of this planet allowing us to be present everywhere and see everything God sees. Facebook wants to be everywhere, recording every idol thought. Judging from all the selfies it’s in every bedroom and bathroom and social gathering. They stirred up some controversy last year when they moved to offer a limited free internet to India and Africa. What they miss Instagram and Twitter pick up. NSA wants to be everywhere and know everything, listening to everyone, reading everyone’s e-mail. But let’s talk about who really is everywhere. We come this morning to the third of the three big omni’s about God. With regard to knowledge, we know God is omniscient, He knows everything and His knowledge is infallible. With regard to power, we know God is omnipotent, He can do anything He wills to do. When we think of God as infinite with regard to space, we call that omnipresence. His presence has no limit, it is infinite. God is Lord of space and cannot be limited by space. He is close to and next to everything.