Elijah the Tishbite, A Man Like Us, II

Try to picture for a minute a stranger, walking unannounced into the White House up to the Second floor, past all the staff and security, and boldly entering the oval office and with authority declaring that all import and export trading will cease for several years until I say it will resume. And then as suddenly as he appeared, he disappears. Who was that masked man? Where did he come from, and where did he go? What did he say? Where did he get such authority? People of conviction and passion stand out to us. Especially in a cultural climate like ours where it was neither comfortable or convenient to take a stand for God. Everyone fears to get involved. In an age "moral pygmies" Elijah towers like a giant. F.B. Meyer called him a “colossus among men.” Alexander Whyte called him “a Mount Sinai of a man with a heart like a thunderstorm.” Alexander McClaren called him “the Martin Luther of the Old Testament.” James says Elijah was a man like us. Really? How many of you think that when you think about Elijah? Let’s talk about spiritual conviction and moral authority. Where does it come from, how can we get it? By observing Elijah's life we can see there is truth in what James says, especially if you notice the qualities or characteristics about Elijah that make up the definition of a Christian, one like us.