Did God Say...? Satan's Attack on Submission

For several weeks now we have been focusing on our culture’s war with Christ and Christianity. But as we have been doing that I have made it clear that this war is not just a war of ideas or opinions, its not impersonal, but personal. There is someone behind it. The war is not just with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers. Satan hates God and everything good that God has made or God is doing. So we have seen Satan’s hatred of babies and children, of God’s image in man as male and female, of marriage, and of authority and submission. Satan has stooped to anything and stopped at nothing. He has initiated weapons of mass destruction like abortion and sexuality immorality, and spread lies about what God has said and sown the seeds of doubt and distrust in God’s Word, calling good evil and evil good. Last week I started the first half of two sermons on Satan’s attack on marriage by attacking God’s intentions for headship and submission. Satan has managed in our culture to turn headship and submission into things to be despised and resisted.