Confirm Your Calling and Election

In my last three sermons on II Peter I have highlighted Peter’s emphasis on the importance of the knowledge of God. Through the knowledge of God grace and peace are multiplied to us. Through the knowledge of God His power has granted us everything pertaining to life and godliness. Through the knowledge of God we supplement our faith so we are not ineffective and unfruitful in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We see how important this knowledge is and what a difference it makes in our lives in the deaths of two famous men in the past month. Contrast Billy Graham to Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking was said to be a genius, a brilliant mind, a theoretical physicist working in the realm of cosmology and quantum mechanics. He studied the universe and yet he didn’t know the creator of the universe, being a self-avowed atheist. Is there anything more tragic than to never acknowledged the God who went to such lengths to make Himself known (Romans 1:19-23)? Give thanks to God who has revealed Himself to us in the person and Gospel of Jesus Christ.