A Day is a Thousand Years

It is interesting to note that most of the second epistles in the NT deal with false teachers and false prophets and false apostles, people who are deceiving believers and creating doubt and sowing the seeds of apostacy and immorality. It is a serious problem in every age. Peter in his second letter certainly has been warning about these things. In chapter three he has focused specifically on those scoffers who are saying that Jesus is not coming back like he promised. He is long overdue and we might as well just live and act as we please since it doesn’t matter. Where is God in the midst of all the chaos, conflict, terror, crime, violence, war, immorality? Why doesn’t God come back and fix everything that’s wrong with the world? What is God waiting for? When is the last act? When will the curtain come down on history? Why is the present age so long? Two thousand years and counting. If you have questions like that, Peter has answers. Four questions answered in II Peter 3: 1. How